Bubbles with a lot of history
Francisco and Santiago brothers arrived in Catalonia from Zaragoza.
Both started working at a soda factory right in Barcelona downtown.
The two brothers bought Manuel Oms’s soda factories in Barcelona County.
Brothers split up, Francisco kept the Barcelona´s factory and Santiago remained Badalona´s.
Mr.Santiago Puértolas and his wife Tomasa, expanded its factory facilities at Badalona.
During the Spanish civil war the factory at Badalona became under collective ownership and 7 local manufacturers joined forces together.
Afterwards, the Puértolas resumed production.
Once the war was finished, Mr. Santiago Puértolas and Tomasa took up again the factory ownership. After all social, economic and political changes, all the hard work need to start again form the very beginning.
At these times, Mr. Santiago Puértolas, the son of the founder took the charge of the company.
The whole business goes to SANtiago and MIguel Puértolas Queralt. They registered the trade name of SANMY.
Sanmy started to diversify the business for being produced our own and third brands at the factory.
The facilities has been moved from Badalona to Terrassa, 13 miles north of Barcelona purchasing the factory whom owns to La Casera, the biggest Spanish soda manufacturer at the time.
A new bottling and PET line is installed.
The business expanded again. Third and white brands came into place in the manufacturing lines.
SANMY’s start focusing in its own brands and market niche.

SANMY bottled 130 different references within its 40 brands portfolio of soda, sparkling water and refreshing drinks. Different sizes and different flavours are being manufactured. Production facilities have been updated according to state of the art manufacturing facilities. Bottling systems meet the most demanding standards in the current market.

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